Rodeo Realty is a full-service luxury residential brokerage in its truest sense. Our agents are trained in all areas of real estate and our specialty divisions offer customized services for every client in every situation. Rodeo Realty agents represent California’s premier properties and provide full service representation of fine custom homes, architecturally unique properties, new homes, historical landmark properties, trophy estates and luxury hi-rises. Our agents provide the highest level of expertise to a wide-range of clientele including real estate investors, prominent names in entertainment and sports, entrepreneurs, and business executives across the city and around the world.



Rodeo Realty considers it imperative that our agents are able to provide the best possible understanding of architecturally unique properties. These well-versed agents are a great resource for sellers and buyers of these special properties. The Rodeo Realty Architectural Certification Program gives agents an understanding of style, structure, and the impact of design on luxury real estate. Rodeo Realty represents some of the most architecturally distinctive landmarks and historical properties throughout California.



Rodeo Realty Commercial Properties Division is structured to provide full service to our investors and commercial clients. Our commercial agents specialize in the urban development of apartments, retail shopping centers, office buildings, restoration of mixed-use buildings, and land for development throughout Southern California.




Rodeo Realty’s New Homes Division provides builders comprehensive sales, marketing solutions for new homes, estates, new condominium complexes, subdivisions and land for development. Our new homes experts will handle every phase of the process including marketing, staffing, and setting up sales offices.



Rodeo Realty’s Entertainment and Sports Division was established to provide private representation for some of the most notable people in the entertainment and sports industry, including leading entertainers, professional athletes and business managers. Our agents adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines to help protect their privacy. This exclusive division provides select buyers and sellers in the ultra-luxury sector access to an international network of leading real estate agents and properties around the world. Rodeo Realty agents have represented the most prominent names in Hollywood entertainment, sports and business.



Admittedly being headquartered in Beverly Hills, Rodeo Realty is structured to cater to the high-end luxury market. The brokerage is structured to represent the most discriminating properties. Conversely, Paramount Properties Division at Rodeo Realty adheres to the same principles of excellence and provides great tools and resources for buying and selling affordable properties. With access to utilize the most advanced high-end marketing strategy for affordable properties, these services largely serve as a great benefit to have high-end marketing strategy and technique for any real estate acquisition.



A number of our associates are experienced in handling the sale of property upon bankruptcy, conservatorship and death of the owner. Our highly qualified agents are experts with the processes involved in real property sales that are subject to the California Probate Code. To ensure a timely and worry free transaction, our experts work closely with the Executors, Administrators, Trustees, Receivers or Conservators in concert with the attorney. From time to time seminars are held with estate, bankruptcy and trust attorneys, and CPAs.



Rodeo Realty’s Private Brokerage has agents that specialize in assisting bankers and financial planners working with high net worth clients.



Rodeo Realty’s Relocation Network enables agents to relocate clients internationally and also represents buyers relocating to Southern California from around the world.